Shun Sudo | PAINT OVER

Shun Sudo

February 1 – 12, 2017


Onishi Gallery is thrilled to present the inaugural solo exhibition of cutting-edge artist Shun Sudo in Tokyo.

Based out of Tokyo, Sudo has been deeply influenced by American pop culture from a young age and has spent his 20s travelling around the United States.

When he returned home to Japan in his early 30s, he began working on paintings that reference his creative roots both in Japanese culture and the contemporary street culture of Western life. As a result, Sudo developed two artistic styles that reflect the two different aspects of his personality. His primary aim is to capture his subject matter in a few stylized brushstrokes—otherwise known as Japanese sumi-e brush stroke painting. He then paints over that image with graffiti pop art which makes for a graphically-animated impression that awakens the eyes, mind, and spirit.

In his current series “Paint Over,” which contains allusions to iconic brands such as Chanel and Nike alongside pop art imagery, Sudo gestures to decades of commercial and counterculture forces. He presents portrait images that feature famous icons in Western culture such as Andy Warhol and John Lennon, but reinterprets the familiar through an original colorful lens. By painting over globally-recognized icons with his own favorite images, such as flowers and hearts,

Sudo incorporates his individual worldview into a greater tradition, making viewers re-conceptualize what they already know.

For more information on the exhibition, event or additional press materials, please contact Jin Sudo at HUESPACE Inc. at 03-4570-0648, or by email at sudo@huespace-inc.com. For additional information on the artist and his work, please contact Nana Onishi at Onishi Gallery, New York, at +1-212-695-8035, or by email at nana@onishigallery.com. Or, please visit the gallery website at www.onishigallery.com.