White Porcelain Incense Burner, 2012, porcelain, h. 4 5/8 x dia. 2 7/8 in. (11 x 7.2 cm)


Celadon Porcelain Gourd-shaped Flower Vase with Peony Pattern, 2012

Celadon Porcelain Gourd-shaped Flower Vase with Peony Pattern, 2012, porcelain, h. 14 1/2 x dia. 8 1/2 in. (36.6 x 21.4 cm)

Okugawa Shun’emon (b. 1949)

Okugawa was born in Arita, the town where Korean potters produced the first porcelain wares in Japan in the late 16th century. The porcelains of Arita also gained its greatest popularity through export products to Europe by the end of the 17th century. Okugawa’s family has been devoted to making porcelain vessels with pride and dignity like the other families who work in porcelains in his neighborhood.

Shun’emon became an independent potter in 1979, following an apprenticeship with the master of porcelain pottery, Okugawa Chūemon. The artist continues to explore the beauty of white and celadon porcelain wares regardless of the established reputation of his family. His works achieve an intriguing sense of warmth in contrast to the conventional idea of sleek porcelain ware. Shun’emon’s milky white porcelain surfaces evoke intimacy and tranquility. Not only do his vessels carry strong visual appeal, but they also possess a tactile supremacy developed through his decades-long pursuit of Arita wares.

Shun’emon received a Yellow Medal in 2005, and his works have been featured in numerous exhibitions in Japan and in major cities around the world including London, Shanghai, and Berlin. His work is in the collection of the British Museum.

Okugawa Shun’emon (b. 1949) Exhibits

Selected Exhibitions

Contemporary Japanese Ceramics by Living National Treasures and Other Masters, Embassy of Japan, Washington DC
Asia Week New York 2014, Onishi Gallery, NY
Shanghai ARTFAIR 2011, Shangai, China

Selected Public Collection

Embassy of Japan, Washington DC, British Museum