Bowl with Murasakishikibu Pattern 'Kanade', 2012Bowl with Murasakishikibu Pattern “Kanade,” 2012; porcelain; h. 7 1/2 x dia. 20 inches (19 x 51 cm)

Yoshida Hiroko (b. 1955)

Born and raised in Kanazawa, a historical town considered the Kyoto of northwestern Japan, Yoshida gained recognition with her Murasaki Shikibu monyō (patterns inspired by Murasaki Shikibu, the eleventh century Japanese poet, lady-in-waiting of the imperial court, and author of The Tales of Genji). The patterns on Yoshida’s vessels are leaves on branches in black and white colors, which the artist generously draws on the surfaces of white porcelain plates and vases. The sumptuous drawings of the leaves are accented with colors of traditional Kutani wares—bold yellow, deep green, dark red, ultramarine, and eggplant purple—as if they are her personal and contemporary interpretation of centuries-old traditional Kutani wares from Kanazawa.

After graduating from Kanazawa College of Art, with a B.F.A. in ceramics, Yoshida worked as a director of marketing development for a department store for four years. She started exhibiting her work in 1987 and has since been actively showing her works in galleries and department stores in Japan. Yoshida was chosen as a guest scholar at Wedgewood, United Kingdom, in 2008, where a candle holder and tea bowl by her are included in their permanent collection.

Yoshida Hiroko (b. 1955) Exhibits

Selected Exhibitions

Contemporary Japanese Ceramics by Living National Treasures and Other Masters, Embassy of Japan, Washington DC
Asia Week New York 2014, Onishi Gallery, NY